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download version 0.5.0b


Variable length flash cards:
Most information can't be broken down into only one or two parts. Unlike most flash card programs, flexCard allows each card in a deck to have a different number of sides.
Intuitive searching and sorting:
Quickly find the flash cards you wish to review. Need to review all of the verbs presented in a given chapter for an upcoming language test? Select both the chapter's category and the verb category, only those cards that match both will be visible. A simple search of the contents of all of the cards is also available.
Simple memorization scheme:
Adjust how often a card re-appears during memorization.
Visual cues:
Selecting a card places a check mark beside all of the categories that contain it.
Text formating:
Layout the text on your cards the way you want. flexCard takes full advantage of Apple's advanced text formating system.
Available for free while in open beta.
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